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the stories people need to hear

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Storytelling is an ancient art - sometimes verbal, sometimes written, and always powerful. Telling stories in business has recently become a trend, but one we know is not simply a fad - it’s the way people have always connected to each other and their clients

Storytelling for business - image courtesy of Insightful Wealth GroupWe recently photographed an event for one of our clients - an annual, client appreciation event that hundreds of companies create to say “thank you” to their valuable people. Christine and her team at Insightful Wealth Group have nailed this area of customer care. Her clients told us stories of how she not only remembers to touch base about their investments, but also to ask about their ageing parent, or their daughter applying for med school, or how they’re feeling after the passing of a pet. Stories that meant she cared about so much more than her bottom line.

It reaffirms to us that we’re in the business of connecting people to people. The way we do this looks like websites or imagery or videography. But at the very heart of all this sits understanding, trust and listening - because if we are listening, we’ll hear the stories people want to tell.