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Sweet Suite Genius

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Living in Kits for the past 12 years has seen us evolve in lots of great ways. We’ve become a married couple, homeowners, parents, and business owners - in that order. We love living here because of the community feel - we are close to everything we need and love. One of our favourite things about our new Kitsilano office at Suite Genius is the 7 minute walk from locking our door to sitting at our desk.

We sat down with Mitchell Purdy, founder of the collaborative workspace, to ask him what he loves about Kits, “Five years ago when I started Suite Genius (in Mount Pleasant), I opened it in Kitsilano for the very same reasons. I wanted as short a commute to work as possible. I wanted my hours at work to be engaging and productive, and to foster a community of like-minded people in the neighbourhood”.

Suite Genius encompasses all of the values we aim to foster as well - to create spaces in neighbourhoods where there's a sense of community, belonging and opportunities for collaboration and friendship. "My family has lived here for 12 years, and I love it for the close-knit community, active lifestyle, access to healthy food at farmers markets and fantastic restaurants and cafés. And of course Kits’ proximity to the beach.” We’re so happy be part of this growing group of people who care about business and each other.