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The Importance of Empathy in Branding & Marketing

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When you think of marketing, do you imagine Don Draper wearing a crisp, tailored suit, feet up on his desk, sipping a whisky neat? A wolf making his money by taking your money? An industry built on selling you what you think you need? Although this still happens all too frequently, there is a more human, empathetic, and effective approach.

From The Heart, Instead Of In Their Shoes 

Be Authentic

The core values of your business should be reflected on your website, in your content, and in your branding and marketing strategy. Don't give people what you think they want to hear, instead speak from your heart and share the story of your purpose. Ask yourself:

  1. Why does your business/company/organization exist?
  2. How are you making a difference?
  3. What service/product do you offer to make that difference?

This is the same order that you should approach and structure your branding and marketing strategy. It's important that we lead with "Why" when trying to reach your audience. People want to connect with a belief, not a product, and be part of a community, not a call list. This need to connect with shared beliefs, values, and a community is based in human nature and empathy.

Image created for Allan Financial by Bemoved Media

Image created for Allan Financial by Bemoved Media

Be Empathetic

What makes us unique as individuals and separates us from others is our sense of self. The medial prefrontal cortex is a region of the brain that's activated upon self reflection. This same region is activated when someone is trying to persuade you of something. Research shows that in order to create harmonious communities, our sense of self gathers the beliefs and values of those around us. When developing a branding and marketing strategy, keep in mind:

  • How people view the world
  • How people view their challenges
  • What matters to people and why
  • Peoples' goals and wants
  • Peoples' emotional needs

Empathy + Marketing = Transformation

So how do we become more empathetic in a digital world where we spend most of our time behind screens? Here are four ways:

By Seeing: Observe the physical world we are all living and working in. In the digital age, it's important that we don't think "seeing" is what happens on our devices.

By Listening: Listening is what helps us gain deeper insight and meaning, and allows us to hear the stories that matter to people and why.

By Interacting: Experience, in a real world environment, what a person is going through in their life.

By Responding: By paying attention to our environment, watching, listening and learning, we can respond by making insightful decisions and changes.

Technology affects how we work, do business, and go about our lives. The more we immerse ourselves in the digital world, the greater our need to understand each other as people. Empathy will serve as the driving force behind your branding and marketing strategy, and help you establish meaningful connections with your clients, making your voice rise above all the noise.