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Many ways to help (Part 4)

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I'm participating in the Covenant House Sleep Out: Moms Edition on May 4th to raise funds to support youth. This is the last of four blog posts that takes us to that night...



Contributing to causes can look like a lot of things - lending a hand, donating money, or giving time. I'm hoping to experience in a small way, what sleeping outside is actually like. My only experience that comes close to this is camping, but that was inside a warm tent with the elements very clearly OUTSIDE the nylon layer. I haven't ever been in a situation where I've had to go without a bed, a meal or sufficient clothing - everything I've wanted I've been reasonably able to achieve. I'm not saying I haven't worked for those things by attracting them into my life, but I have been fortunate enough to get the education and the support of my loved ones to go out and get them.

I want to teach my children the value of giving - how good it feels to give something to someone else so that their life is better. Maybe it's a bit of altruism, maybe it's actually self-serving, but I know that lives can be improved by giving. When Covenant House gave me a job, they gave me purpose, a place to grow and learn, and a way to further myself. The same things that they give youth in need, so part of my reason for doing Sleep Out is to say thanks to them as well.

I would be so grateful if you can support my goal to raise funds for Covenant House's Sleep Out: Mother's Edition, and help change the lives of the youth in our community. Visit My Sleep Out Page to make a donation and sign up below to keep updated on my next post and follow my journey!

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