how social cause can change a company

Integrating a social cause into a corporation can be a formidable challenge. In our experience, almost all companies we've come across are involved in social and community programs for all the right reasons. But how they integrate and present their charitable activities can present a challenge.

This is the story of a company that changed that. Allan Financial set out to change a few lives, and in the process changed how they thought about social endeavours and how they thought about themselves.


We produced this mini-documentary over approximately two years for Allan Financial in collaboration with PJ Wiese.

Please check out Allan Financial and their Kiva Project.

Randal Hrytzak

Randal Hrytzak

Randal is an award-winning photographer and established filmmaker with a background in electronics engineering and technology marketing. He's a co-founder of Bemoved Media, a creative digital agency that creates story-based branding and media that matters.