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bemoved media, chapter 2.0

We know how challenging it is for our clients to create a brand that expresses who they are, and more importantly why they make a difference. It can be challenging to express ourselves in a way that reflects that. The way we design brands for our clients, including websites, images and video, was borne from our frustration around a lack of coherent and enduring visual storytelling in the industry. Although that's translated into some pretty clever brands, it hasn't resulted into messages that are either particularly personal or enduring.

That was our challenge when we set out to reinvent our Bemoved Media website. We were determined to create a “window” into our brand that also felt like it meant something to us.

So our new website is built around stories - not about us, but special stories about our clients, who they are and why they matter. Like Allan Financial, who are leaders in integrating a modern brand with a strong social community, and the University of British Columbia who very effectively use video to attract the right community of students to complex programs.

We chose to create a website that’s black and white initially, but one that reflects our clients’ stories in colour. And that’s how we approach each project. Each of our clients has their identity, their own why. That’s what makes them unique. That’s what adds colour to what they do. And that’s what matters most to us.

Randal Hrytzak

Randal Hrytzak

Randal is an award-winning photographer and established filmmaker with a background in electronics engineering and technology marketing. He's a co-founder of Bemoved Media, a creative digital agency that creates story-based branding and media that matters.