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where images go to die (or not)

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There's an adage in the photography industry that hard drives are where images go to die. Today, of course, more images probably die on smartphones than on hard drives. We've all had the experience of hard drives failing, and many people have lost images through theft or forgetfulness.

We've also heard so many times that people don't care what they lose, except of course, for their images. And that's simply because memories of our experiences are so valuable to us, and more importantly, irreplaceable. They're a record of who we care about and why. A record of why what we do matters so much. We don't want to lose the magic that those images represent.

So why don't we do something about it? There are three main reasons: 

  1. It's easy to capture images and even easier to forget about them
  2. It takes time and effort to backup images
  3. It's almost impossible to find images when we need them

There are many solutions to this problem, some more complex than others. And we have our own system for how we keep business images for our clients safe. But for everyday personal use, we love to recommend solutions that we use for our family. For us, that solution is Google Photos. And best of all, it's completely free.

Install Once And Forget

Google Photos is supported on iOS and Android phones and other devices. Install it once and forget about it. Open it up occasionally and it will automatically back up your images AND videos to the cloud. You get free unlimited storage for what Google refers to as High-Quality images. You'll find that these are perfectly fine for viewing and for printing. Did we say free? And safe.

Be Reminded Of What Matters

Occasionally, and if you have notifications turned on, you'll get reminders on anniversaries of days that you've photographed, a year or many years back. We love those "back-in-the-day" collages every time we see them! And it's easy to share them with your family or friends.

Find What You Love

The real strength in Google Photos is its ability to automatically scan and understand every image you upload. Do you want to see images from a holiday a few years ago, or do you want to find images at a type of location, or by the type of event? You'll be surprised at what you'll find when you search for pretty much anything.

Taking Care of Your Images

 Are you already enjoying Google Photos? Let us know what you think about it or if you're using something else that you're thrilled with.