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Why I'm Sleeping Out for Covenant House (Part 1)

I'm participating in the Covenant House Sleep Out: Moms Edition on May 4th to raise funds to support youth. This is the first of four blog posts that takes us to that night...


As I get older, I look for ways to engage in experiences that matter to me while making a positive impact in other people's lives, especially my kids' lives. It matters to me what they think and feel, and how they give to others. I want to teach them ways to give that don't only involve money, but also time and experience. I hope that raising their awareness and consciousness on this issue will teach them about compassion and empathy for everyone, especially towards those who don't have much.

I would be so grateful if you can support my goal to raise funds for Covenant House's Sleep Out: Mother's Edition, and help change the lives of the youth in our community. Please visit My Sleep Out Page to make a donation!

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Meralon Shandler

Meralon Shandler

Meralon is a student of people with a Masters of Psychology and background in family counselling. She's a co-founder of Bemoved Media, a digital creative agency that creates story-based branding and media that matters.